The second European Congress of Mathematics took place in Budapest, July 22-26, 1996. It was organised by János Bolyai Mathematical Society. There were 724 participants. The chairman of the Organizing Committe was Gyula Katona. The chairman of the Scientific (Programme) Committee was Jűrgen Moser (ETH, Zűrich).


Noga Alon (Tel-Aviv) Randomness and pseudo-randomness on discrete mathematics.
Gerd Ben Arus (Paris) Large deviation as a common probabilistic tool for some problem of analysis, geometry and physics.
Borys A. Dubrovin (Trieste) Reflection groups quantum cohomologies and Painleve’s equations.
Janos Kollar (Salt Lake City) Low degree polynomials equations: arithmetic, geometry and topology.
Jaques Laskar (Paris) The stability of the Solar System.
Dusa McDuff (Stony Brook) Recent progress in symplectic topology.
Aleksander S. Merkurjev (Moscow, Bilefeld) K-theory and algebraic groups.
Vitali Milman (Tel-Aviv) Surprising geometric phenomena of high-dimensional convexity theory.
Stefan Műller (Frieburg, Zűrich) Microstructures, geometry and the calculus of variations.
Jean-Pierre Serre (Paris) Correspondences and dictionaries in geometry and number theory.


Alexis Bonnet (France), William Timothy Gowers (UK), Annette Huber (Germany), Aise Johan de Jong (Netherlands), Dmitrij Kramkow (Russia), Jiři Matoušek (Czech Republic), Lo?c Merel (France), Grigori Perelman (Russia), Ricardo Perez-Marco (Spain/France), Leonid Polterovich (Israel).