Arrival Information

Most 6ECM participants will arrive to Main Railway Station (Kraków Głowny) or John Paul II Airport in Kraków (Balice). On the following pages you will find directions from both arrival sites to the selected hotels and from the hotels to the congress venue. General information about the public transport system is collected separately.

The 6ECM organizers will be present in the airport on Sunday, July 1, ready to welcome and help you. You will find them in the lobby of the international arrival hall, carrying the 6ECM logo.

If you come by car, check direction on your hotel webpage and contact the hotel concerning parking. Parking possibilities around the conference venue are very limited and expensive.

The registration will take place in the Congress venue (Auditorium Maximum, ul.Krupnicza 33) on: Sunday (10:00 - 21:00) and Monday (7:30 - 18:30). You do not need to register immediately upon arrival, you can first go to your hotel.

If you feel lost on your way you may call the 6ECM organiser at the mobile phone number which will be e-mailed to you. The emergency number in Poland is 112 which you can call from your mobile phone or any public phone free of charge.

The Polish currency unit is the zloty (zł, PLN). One zloty is divided into 100 groszy (1 zł = 100 gr). 1 euro ~4.30 zł (as per 13th June). ATMs (Polish name: BANKOMAT) and currency exchange offices (Polish name: KANTOR) are available in the Arrival Hall at the airport. For more information please see: