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For Authors

The abstracts are expected to give an idea to the participants, perhaps working in a different field than a speaker, whether the poster may be interesting for her/him.

The authors are kindly asked to submit abstracts of their posters by application form [only LaTex files, prepared according to the guidlines below], not later than April 30, 2012 through the poster application form available after registration for the 6ECM. The abstracts will be posted on the 6ECM website and distributed to the 6ecm participants. For editing the abstracts, please use the enclosed templates.

Here is an instruction how to use the files:

1. Download two files: abstr.cls and abstr_inv.tex, to the same directory on your computer. AMS-LATEX packages amssymb, amsfonts, amsmath are automatically preloaded. No need to declare them!

2. Open abstr_inv.tex file in your favourite TeX-editor. Save it as lastname_abstr_inv.tex .

3. Required fields: In the appropriate fields provide title, your first and last name, e-mail, affiliation (name of an institution), AMS Subject Classification symbol.

4. Optional fields: AMS Secondary classification and names of the coauthors, fill out and uncomment, if needed .

5. It is highly recommended to avoid:
- unnecessary line breaks,
- long, complicated mathematical formulas and diagrams,
- changing font type or font size in text,
- references,
- exceed the length of an abstract marked in the template.

6. Upload lastname_abstr_inv.tex file by application form, which is accessible after registration for the 6ECM.

Here is the above instruction compiled with the template abstr_inv.tex
- abstr_inv.pdf

Thank you very much for your collaboration!