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The third European Congress of Mathematics took place in Barcelona, July 10-14, 2000. There were 1200 participants. The Organizing Committee was chaired by Sebastia Xambó-Descamps. Sir Michael Atiyah was the chairman of the Programme Committee.


Robbert Dijgraaf (Amsterdam) The mathematics of M-theory.
Hans FĹ llmer (Berlin) Probabilistic aspects of financial risks.
Hendrik W. Lenstra, Jr (USA and Netherlands) Flags and lattice basic reduction.
Yuri I. Manin (Bonn) Moduli, motives, mirrors.
Yves Meyer (France) The role of oscillations in non-linear problems.
Carles Simó (Barcelona) New families of solutions in N-body problems.
Marie-France Vignéras (Paris) Local Langlands correspondance for GL(n,Q_p) modulo l ≠ p.
Oleg Viro (Uppsala, St.Petersburg) Dequantization of real algebraic geometry on logarithmic paper.
Andrew J.Wiles (USA) Galois represenatations and automorphic forms.


Seymon Alesker (Israel), Rafaël Cerf (Franxce), Dennis Gaitsgory (USA), Emmanuel Grenier (France), Dominic Joyce (UK), Vincent Lafforque (France), Michael McQuillan (UK), Stefan Nemirovski (Russia), Paul Seidel (France), Wendelin Werner (France).